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Multi Use Polisher ATP-2200 back
To satisfy of our customers need for polisher mobility,efficiency, and reduced operationg cost, FiberSource has introduced the new ATP-2200 polisher and polishing system.  

High Throughput, High Yield and Cost Efficiency.
ATP-2200 can polish 24 ferrules at one time with individual pressure system. Moreover, due to adopting NTT-AT's unique semi-individual polishing trajectory, ATP-2200 enables you to prevent scratch damage from spreading fragments, and decreases the wasted polishing film by using square film.

Motion Mechanism
A semi-individual trajectory is used, resulting in less scratches on the fiber. If there are objects on the film, a semi-individual trajectory minimizes the damage to only a few ferrules. This approach should increase the yield of your product and reduce waisted polishing film.


ATP Motion


Simple Operation
It is easy to set ferrules into the polishing jig, and set the jig into the main body.


Advanced PC 2.5mm & 1.25mm ferrules for all connectors, SC & MU housing ferrules, MT/MPO/MT-RJ ferrules & APC 1.25mm ferrules

2.5mm Ferrule


SCU Plug Type

SCA Plug Type

2.5 mm Ferrule
SCU Plug In
SCA Plug In

FCU Plug Type

FCA Plug Type

MU Plug Type

LC Plug Type

FCU Plug Type
FCA Plug Type
MU Plug Type
LC Plug Type

ATP-2200 has the programming function of the polishing time and the turning speed of the polishing plate. You can set 9 programs which include 9 processes each. Solves the problem of resetting the processes each time the connector is changed.


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