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Rack Mount Patch Panels


Rack Mount Patch Panels
Manufactured Products

Rack Mount Patch Panels

Sliding Rack 6735
 Sliding Rack 6735

The FiberSource 6735 1U Universal Sliding Rack and new 6735(3) 2U Universal Sliding Rack are excellent options for applications requiring extremely compact and easy-to-use design. It is used to patch, or patch and splice fibers, provide cross-connection capability and PLC Splitters. It accommodates up to 24 splices and 48 connections and can use a wide range of connector types. The panel can be installed in a 19" or a 23" rack and occupies 1.75" (1U) or 3.5" (2U) of rack space. Splice trays and internal fiber management are housed in a sliding drawer that latches securely in both the open and closed positions. Jumpers can exit either to the left or right at the front of the panel.


  • High Density - Can accomodate up to 48 connections
  • Suitable for 19" or 23" frames
  • Equipped for field spliceing or pre-terminated stub cable
  • Cable securely fastens. Can exit left or right
  • Front Sliding
  • Accepts: FC, LC, SC and ST II connectors.
  • 1 x 32 and 2 X 32 SCAPC PLC Splitters


Capacity Dimensions Shipping Weight
Up to 24 Splices or 48 LC Connections 1.75"x19"x9.92" 10 lbs
(4.5 kg)
UP to 36 Terminations 3.5"x 17"x12" 12 lbs
(5.4 kg)

FiberSource also offers custom solutions.