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Rack Mount Patch Panels


Rack Mount Patch Panels
Manufactured Products

Rack Mount Patch Panels

LGX Patch Panel 6731
lgx patch panel 6731

The FiberSource 6731 Universal LGX Patch Panel provides cross-connection capability for up to 288 fibers in a traditional bulkhead design. An industry standard lgx design makes this unit compatible with existing panels and frames manufactured by other vendors for mix-and-match applications. This module can be installed in standard 19" or 23" frames in central offices, customer premises, controlled environmental vaults or other remote locations requiring high connection density.


  • High Density
  • Maximum bend radius control at all cable exit port
  • Accepts all standard connector and cable types
  • Available pre-stubbed


Product Capacity Dimensions Shipping Weight
31-7" 72 SC Connections
96 SC Connections
144 LC Connections
7"X17"X11" 10 lbs
(4.5 kg)
31-9" 216 SC Connector
288 LC Connectors
9"X17"X11" 11 lbs
(5 kg)

FiberSource also offers custom solutions.