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Cable Assemblies
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Opti-Tap® Compatible FTTH Drop Cables
lgx patch panel 6731

FiberSource's Pre-Terminated OSP drop cables provide easy FTTX (fiber-to-the-x) installation and termination using existing hardware and installation methods for drops to homes and businesses. Its flat profile is compatible with existing wedge (P) clamps. The dielectric version eliminates the need for bonding or grounding. Our toneable version adds a 24 AWG conductor that provides underground location capability.

FiberSource’s preinstalled connectors provide for quick subscriber connections. The drop cable assemblies are precision manufactured to rigorous quality standards, assure reliable performance and compatibility. Tight tolerance control results in reliable low-loss connections and reconnections over the long term.

FiberSource’s patented ruggedized hardened SC/APC Connector is compatible with industry standard Optitap® compatible OSP terminals.

Our preinstalled standard connectors allow for an easy and effective routing and termination in FTTX equipment - available in SC, LC, FC, and ST connectors with either APC (angled) or UPC (ultra) polish performance. Each pre-terminated cable is made in the US to selected lengths with your choice of connectors.

Cables are available with hardened connectors on one or both ends. The ends can be made with unhardened connectors such as SC/APC on 2.0mm or 3.0mm OD furcated legs. Indoor / Outdoor cables are also available where the outer jacket of the flat drop cable can be removed exposing a 3 mm indoor/outdoor cable that can be routed inside the customer premise. The 3 mm exposed indoor/outdoor cable can be easily coiled and stored.

The hardened cable end can be terminated with a round flexible 24” long tail that eliminates the directionality (springiness) of the flat allows for easier cable storage in handholes and pedestals.  FlexTail® versions are available in 1 to 12 fibers. Multifiber patent pending FlexTail® cables allow one fiber drop to service up to 12 customers. The unhardened cable end at the customer location can either be spliced in a customer premise box or preterminated with indoor/outdoor 3 mm legs up to 8 feet long that can be routed to multiple ONUs.

FiberSource hardened SC/APC connectors have been independently tested by Underwriter Laboratories and meet Telcordia GR-3120 specifications. FiberSource SC connectors have been tested by independent testing laboratories to Telcordia GR-326.

All cable is RUS approved and meets Telcordia GR-20 requirements.


  • Meets Telcordia, EIA / TIA, IEC, and JIS Specifications
  • For Ultra PC, or Angle PC Applications
  • Connector manufactured by FiberSource under license from Corning Cable Systems
  • Cable and Fiber from major cable manufacturers: Draka, Corning, Prysmian and OFS
  • RUS Approvede
  • Telordia GR-20
  • Built in Pulling Eye
  • Custom Lengths


  • UL GR-3120-Core tested.
  • Fiber Types: SM(9/125)
  • Insertion Loss*: <0.3dB(APC)
  • Return Loss* : >68dB(APC)
  • Temperature Stability: <0.3dB(-40°C~+85°C)
  • Made in Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A

Optitap® is a registered trademark of Corning Cable Systems Inc.
FlexTail® is a registered trademark of FiberSource Inc.

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