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Cable Assemblies
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Patch Cords
OSPSCA OPTITAP Compatible Drop Cable


Applications Interconnect & Cross-Connect Patch, Splice Central Office, Head End, LAN, Data Center
Configurations Jumpers (2 ends) - Patch Cords
Pigtails (1 end) - Splicing Pre-terminated Fibers
Connector Types Styles: SC, LC, FC, ST, Ruggedized Connector Polishes: UPC (Ultra PC), APC (Angled PC)
Fiber Types Singlemode (BendBrightXS, BendBright) Multimode (MaxCap 10 GbE, HiCap 1 GbE, 50um or 62.5um)
Cable Types Riser (OFNR), Plenum (OFNP)
Cable Diameters Simplex: 3.0 mm, 2.0 mm, 1.6 mm, 900 um Duplex: 3.0 mm Zipcord, 2.0 mm Zipcord

Reliable patch cords & pigtails for everywhere you need to connectorize fibers

FiberSource patchcords are compatible with all industry applications and fully compliant to industry standards including Telcordia GR-326. Patchcords are manufactured to rigorous quality standards to assure a high degree of precision. A fully automated polishing process ensures optimum geometries for radius of curvature, apex offset, and fiber undercut tolerances. Precise tolerance control results in reliable low-loss connections and rematings over the long term and under a wide range of operating conditions. All Draka patchcords with singlemode or multimode fibers are available in various cable diameters and Hybrid assemblies are also available.

Features & Benefits:

  • High-quality automated polishing process gives optimal geometries for better connection and reconnection performance
  • Tight tolerance control for reliable, low-loss
    connections and reconnections
  • Wide range of connectors that support multiple applications.


  • Same mechanical design as SC-UPC
  • Low return loss needed for CATV applications
  • Physical contact polish at 8 degrees


  • LAN and high-density applications
  • 1.25 mm zirconia ceramic ferrule
  • RJ-45 latching style
  • Duplex patchcords meeting simplex version specifications
  • APC – physical contact polish at 8 degree


  • Compatible with JIS specification
  • Stable, pull-proof
  • 2.5 mm zirconia ceramic ferrule
  • Keyed for repeatable connections
  • APC – physical contact polish at 8 degrees


  • LAN, premise and telecom applications
  • Fully compatible with all ST connector products
  • Bayonet style twist coupling
  • 2.5 mm zirconia ceramic ferrule
  • Keyed for repeatable connections

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