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Cable Assemblies


Cable Assemblies
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CATV Node Cables
fiber optic attenuators build out style

Pigtails and jumpers are supplied in custom lengths. The fibers are fanned out using furcation tubing. The metal grommet threads into a standard 5/8" input port. A variety of connectors are available including FC, LC, SC and ST® II, with either Ultra PC or Angled PC polishes.

FiberSource CATV node cable assemblies are manufactured using FFT™ (Floating Fiber Technology). When furcation tubes are glue to the end of the cable, fiber bending during temperature changes may cause increased attenuation. With FFT™, the fibers are free to move within the transition piece and furcation tubing as the cable expands and contracts, eliminating any attenuation changes due to fiber bending at the transition point during temperature changes.

Cable Assemblies are guaranteed to match the published specifications and can be supplied with test data. Cable assemblies are checked for end-face geometry using interferometer. Cable assemblies are tested 100% for insertion and return loss. Cable assemblies meet Telcordia GR-326 specifications and the cables meet Telcordia GR-20.

Available in Armored Central Loose Tube or Dielectric Central Loose Tube designs.


  • FFT™ minimizes fiber bending and breakage resulting from temperature induced cable expansion and contraction
  • Custom cable lengths up to 20,000 feet
  • Cable pullout strength of 400 pounds
  • 900um buffer, 2.0 or 3.0mm Kevlar reinforced furcation tube
  • 10 pound connector and furcation pull strength
  • Compact fiber feed through grommet minimizes protrusion outside the node which is important when storing the node in a hand hole Standard 5/8"-24 mounting Armored loose tube cable provides maximum fiber protection

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