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Cable Assemblies


Cable Assemblies
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SMTPE Broadcast Cables
fiber optic attenuators build out style

The rugged stainless steel outer shelled SMPTE connectors ensure long product life. The cable assemblies employ two singlemode fiber contacts, two high voltage contacts and two signal contacts. Canare connectors feature two quick disconnect Push-Pull self latching systems. Cable assemblies are available with mulitple configurations including panel mount recepticals and plugs. All cable assemblies are made with Canare SMPTE311M hybrid fiber optic cable unless otherwise specified by the customer.


  • Quick Push-Pull self latching system
  • Stainless Steel for harsh environment
  • Complies with SMPTE singnal requiements
  • HDTV Connection on cameras and panels


  • SMPTE 304M. 311 and ARIB BTA S-1005B compliant
  • Outstanding signal clarity
  • Durable consturuction
  • Flexibility in assembly length
  • Easy maintenace with detacable alignment sleeve
    and insulator
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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